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Yarn Bases

We wanted to make the decision concerning each dye base a little less difficult to figure out weights and composition. Unique names sound cool but then you have to go find a key to translate it. Ten minutes later when you find out its a 80/10/10, you're probably feeling a little frustrated.

No mystery here! We feel it's just easier to call it what it is and let you spend more time shopping and less time translating names. Below, you will find a detailed breakdown of the bases at Urban Girl Yarns.

Each product also has this information clearly noted in the description and we tag and categorize to help you find just what you are looking for.

My second, and sometimes first love, is travel. So, I though it only appropriate to name the yarn bases after each of the Cities and State that brought me joy, love, laughter, memories, and great experiences. I hop you will enjoy them and tell me about your memories of the places that I chose to represent UrbanGirlYarns.

Urban Girl Yarns- Yarn Bases Information

What You Need to Know

Virginia- Fingering


480 yards / 125 grams / 90% Superwash Merino 10% Nylon / 2-ply 

This yarn can stand alone for a lace pattern or be doubled to use in a DK weight pattern. It is great for shawls, socks, sweaters, hats, etc. You name it and a great fingering yarn will do it.  That’s why I named this amazing yarn “Virginia.”  This is an excellent choice for all sorts of projects because the merino gives you next-to-skin softness and the nylon adds strength and durability. Because it is superwash, it will be easier to wash and reblock than regular wool, with less risk of felting with heat and agitation. These skeins are slightly larger than the typical 100g skein of fingering weight yarn.

This yarn represents the state that I now call home. The state of Virginia is where I got my dye start and learned to appreciate the ocean to the mountains. I’ve come to learn that the people are passionate and can be strong when needed and gentle when required. A state where "y’all" is a subject, noun, and verb will always have character and love. 

New York- Fingering

65 /20/15,% SWM/Nylon/Mohair, 465 yards, 100 grams,  2 ply. 

This amazing yarn can be used alone or held together with another yarn to add an amazing halo to your projects. 

We recommend handwashing in tepid, water wrapping in a towel and squeezing to remove excess water, and then laying flat to dry. 

Boston- DK


230 yards / 100 grams / 100% superwash merino / 3-ply

This yarn holds color well and drinks dye, making it great for the colorwork designs in many of the new sweaters and shawls. When you complete a sweater with this yarn it will surely be one of your favorite pieces to kick around in. Washing instructions: Lay flat to dry. Hand wash or machine wash on gentle. It’s superwash, but not superwoman.

This yarn is called “Boston” to represent the thickness and full body of a city that changes with each block. Boston can be so warm and rich that I had to name this yarn after it.  I recently visited Boston and I was overjoyed with the culture, food, people, and architecture.  I selected a yarn that I believe would be as rich as the city that brought me joy.

Thailand- DK


280 yards / 100 grams / 74/23/4% Suri/SWM/Nylon 2 ply 

I spent some time in Thailand and this fiber drew me back to some warm memories. 

The fiber is a DK weight spun with supporting fibers that will allow a hallo effect and give you weight. This yarn does not require a fingering skein as support as it has Nylon in it already. If you desire to add a fingering weight yarn, the results will be a supple WORSTED weight yarn. 


Columbia - DK


200 yards / 100 grams / 100% Corriedale / 3-ply 

This is a hardy yarn, perfect for those fall/winter sweaters and blankets.  It is a 3 ply that will take well to the dye and delivers well.  The yarn is from the Corriedale sheep, processed in a Mill in Southwestern PA. The wool is a bright dense, bulky and soft-handling wool ranging from soft cream to darkest brown/black.

This yarn will be available in limited quantities, so if you are planning on making that special sweater, blanket, or large item order extra. 

Yarn is named for Texas because of the durability and strength of this 3 ply fiber.  Also, some of my most loved and cherished friends /family reside in this area.

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